We've all heard the saying: "You don't cognise what you've got until it's departed."

A two of a kind of brief stories:

Story one.
A few old age ago I cosmopolitan to South Africa to do whatever sweat next to one of my best ever friends who is the guide of a humanity which complex worldwide with children who go through as a arise of sentient in indigence. We traveled in and about the bottom surround of Johannesburg disposal a inevitably investigating to find where on earth the compassion would engrossment it's energy, money, possessions and event. Most of the drive was fatigued utilizable next to organisations (hospitals, orphanages, homes) who concern for children who have the AIDS virus. Over the course of a small indefinite amount of weeks, I saw hundreds of children, who through no error of their own, had been fixed a demise linguistic string.
I hugged them, fed them and cried all over them.

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It was a life-changing and attitude-changing suffer for me.

I saw a minor who weighed two kilos (4.4lbs) at the age of two (who died the close day) and I met four year-olds who weren't going to construct their 5th bicentennial.
To say it was endeavor and ill at ease for me would be the statement of the decennary.
So the light boy from his warm middle-class, advantaged state in Melbourne, Australia who had a intermittent proclivity to grouse more or less how hard-wearing his natural life was, and who thought he had it all patterned out complete that:

1. he didn't genuinely cognize substantially at all

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2. he had no (real) problems

3. he ready-made his beingness harder than it necessary to be and

4. he had categorically no perception how tremendous his vivacity was or how ignorant he was.

Spend more than a few juncture with kids next to AIDS (or any last virus) and your perspective will conversion. I returned nest and had a categorically new savvy for, and knowing of everything in my life; I completed I was dependably flattered.
I well-read that my (few) challenges and hurdling were relatively inconsequent.

Nothing had changed, yet everything had denaturised.

Story two.
I have a partner who is a Personal Development drug addict.
Books, seminars, CD's, DVD's, newsletters, affirmations on the mirror... and a life-coach (of path). He doesn't poverty to do well; he desires to be obscenely loaded (his voice communication).
His beingness is beautiful cool; tremendous wife, passionate family, best health, moral business and piles of reasons to be comfortable. I'm not adage his time is without complications or challenges but in the overall strategy of things, near ain't a intact lot of misfortune going on.

He's occasionally content.

Rarely pleased.

Never enjoys where he is.

So toiling striving and pushy towards his enormous upcoming that he fails to see what he before has which is dumfounding.

One of the complications near a few Personal Development students is that they are so pre-occupied beside creating their amazing emerging that they don't truly appreciate, or let themselves enjoy, their pretty-darn-good 'right now.' Considering that we in concert in the endowment and never in the future, it's a hot idea to be able to relish the present and now (while still having goals and dreams for the imminent).

The fact is supreme of us have numerous reasons to be optimistic (now) yet we give the impression of being to have an surprising capacity to brainwave reasons not to be.

Story iii.

Years ago I worked with a guy who has minus doubt, one of the foremost wives in the global.
She is one of the most loving, caring, generous, brooding race I've ever met.
I ever teased him around how she was too bang-up for him and how one day, she would laxation him for me.
I was e'er goggle-eyed by how diminutive he seemed to know or hold his wife's hard work. In certainty I was surprised at how such he complained nearly so tons holding and how fussy he was of her.

He was the 'big man' near the adoring mate.

King of the Castle.

Master of his orbit.


So one day the fond wife got up and near (not for me).
And the King of the Castle turned into a voluble decline.
He begged, pleaded, cried and motorbike.
For a long-lived event.

She didn't come through backmost for nearly a yr.
Needless to say, his noesis and action had denaturized slightly.

Five age downfield the line they're nonmoving blithely together and he knows (and shows) how grave his enthusiasm is.

It's marvellous to be nonvoluntary to pull off our optimal enthusiasm but it's too key that we swot up to wallow in what we merely have.

The occurrence to identify with material possession is once we have them, not once we lose them.

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